Saturday, November 19, 2016

We're in Rome!

After a long day of flying and layovers, we finally arrived at our hotel in Rome just before 11pm. A little hungry and tired, the nice old man at the counter suggested we go to the crappy cafeteria that was still open around the corner. Of course, this didn't fly with me, as we're in a major metropolitan city on a Saturday night. No way was this the best option.

Thanks to Yelp, we made our way over to Via Urbana to eat at Trieste Pizza, a tiny joint open since 1958. Clean and modern interior, they make mini-pizzas. Deliciously tasty mini pizzas. 

Carlos ordered the spicy sausage pizza with spicy broccoli (I love broccoli on pizza!). I got the pink sausage with tomato. And beer. Tasty beer. All for 11€ (and still mostly the cost of beer). And then we shared a pizza margherita with prosciutto. The crust had great flavor, actually, with a nice crispness and was a good ratio to the toppings. They gave us a small solo cup of tiramisu on the house, and it was a nice little bit of sweetness at the end of the meal. It just tasted so much richer and flavorful than what you'd find here (for a myriad of reasons, or because it's been a long day). 

Also on the street, there was Grezzo Raw Chocolate. Normally, when you throw words like, "raw" and "vegan," I'll go screaming and roll my eyes a lot. But luckily these obvious cues got away from me (although I should have picked up on raw). They were closing as we got there, but their chocolate was surprisingly rich in flavor. We ended up getting some of their sweets (pistachio brownie) and a cup of pistachio and gianduja gelato. Again, dairy-free, soy-free, raw and organic. And I didn't die from nut allergies. Carlos bought a jar of their "nutella" which was rich with (sun-dried - not roasted - cocoa and hazelnuts). 

Okay, time for sleep. 

- Ingrid 

Grezzo Raw Chocolate:

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